Usage instructions Silane Guard

How to apply liquid glass Silane Guard

How to apply Silane Guard

Once you have decided to order a means to protect the car body Silane Guardyou must read the instructions before applying liquid glass. As already mentioned, the composition need only be applied at temperatures in clear warm weather. On the surface of the body it will take two days. The first is preparatory, in which you will prepare your vehicle for application of liquid glass.

The preparatory phase consists of the following stages:

  • First we need to wash the car, treating shampoo.
  • Then you want to remove a fine dust or other particulates out of time to paint colorful coating. You can use the blue clay, treating the entire surface of the body.
  • In the third stage, you need to Polish the paint to remove micro scratches.
  • Next you need to degrease the surface of the car with special tools.
  • The last step of the preparatory phase is the final cleaning of the appliance with clean water and wiping it dry.

To paint the body are completely dry, you must leave the car in the garage or another room (on the street cannot keep to on the body nothing can affect).

On the second day, it is necessary to wipe the car wet a cloth rag and then a dry cloth to remove all moisture and fine dust. You can then begin applying the liquid glass. For this we need to use the special applicator that comes with Silane Guard. Once you have applied the product to one of the elements of the body, you need to wait 12-15 minutes, and then start polishing the coating. Next, we need to wait about 1 hour and then apply another layer of liquid glass (coating and drying). The same steps are carried out with the third layer, after which the car will be unusually brilliant. Finally, you must leave the car to dry in the garage.

Be aware that liquid glass can be applied to certain parts and materials:

  • plastic products;
  • bumper;
  • rubber and chrome-plated surface;
  • glassware (headlights).

If suddenly when applying you accidentally part of some of these elements of the body, should immediately wipe the tool with a damp cloth.

Also keep in mind that as soon as you open the bottle with liquid glass and components of the composition immediately reacts with air, so causing Silane Guard should be carried out in a well-ventilated area, and within 20 minutes after application should do the polishing composition. After opening the actual for 5 days, so you open the bottle you need on the day of applying the liquid glass. If, after processing the body of the car in the bottle remained liquid, it must be disposed of as household waste.

Important! Silane Guard is a caustic composition, which are prohibited to taken orally or inhaled. If you are diagnosed with a skin disease, before applying the product should wear latex gloves. During the application of liquid glass it is prohibited to smoke or ignite near fire, because the tool is highly flammable and emits toxic chemicals. If the structure has got into eyes, immediately flush the organ of sight, in the next 10 minutes. If liquid glass from a bottle hit to the face, neck, hands, etc., you should immediately wash them with water. If, after direct contact with experience any complications, required as soon as possible to go to the doctor.