Liquid glass – advantages and disadvantages

I'm sure there is not one driver who would not like to see your car always clean well maintained. Thanks to the newest devices for polishing possible. A few years ago at the car was the only regular polishes that require a lot of effort. But today there are new technologies that will allow your car to Shine much brighter. Water glass based on potassium silicate has become an indispensable attribute in the polishing.

Who but the Japanese could bring us such a wonderful invention. Liquid glass appeared very recently. Five years ago, about him no one heard. But today, this Polish is very popular all over the world. Use liquid glass to provide not only the elegant shiny appearance of the vehicle, but also serve as good protection for the bodywork.

Why you need liquid glass?

More and more drivers prefer liquid glass. After his car body will Shine very differently. Covering the car with liquid glass, you will be able to hide cracks and scratches on the body. In addition, with the application of liquid glass, you provide the car additional protection. Minor scratches, sun rays and rust will not be as scary as before.

At first it may seem that the composition of the liquid glass after curing becomes very brittle. It is not so. After hardening of the layer becomes sufficiently solid and dense. Although the composition called "liquid glass", no glass in it. The coating is made on the basis of silicon dioxide. Treating them to the car, you are in the course of a year will not think about polishing and minor injuries.

Liquid glass

The pros of the liquid glass.

In today's automotive world has not yet invented a similar tool, similar to liquid glass. Covering them the car, you will achieve the following benefits:

Protection from small external influences. Scratches and chips are not as dangerous.

The color and Shine of the car will become brighter.

Unlike some polishes, liquid glass is not expensive.

Full protection of the body during a car wash.

During the year, all of the above properties will be maintained.

Able to repel dirt, moisture.

Does not fade and does not deteriorate in heat and sunlight.

During the winter period will not accumulate a statistical electricity on the surface of the body.

The strength and hardness of the composition after curing is equivalent to a dense glass.

After applying the liquid glass to the body, wash your car much less. Also, after the rain on the body do not remain stains. The composition has a repellent property, and just a drop will drain from the body.

If you apply a coating of liquid glass?

Mostly water glass is used in cases when you want to protect the back of your car. Absolutely no matter what body type - old or new. More efficient the tool will look at the cars black or white.

Liquid glass can hide some flaws of the body. But if the car has a lot of scratches, the tool will be useless. Will have to contact the experts to produce recovery work.

What is liquid glass?

While there are only three types of liquid glass. It is through these types of produce the desired Polish.

The first type of liquid glass potassium. Based on the potassium, it is not strange. This glass is particularly porosity and has a high water absorbency.

The second type of liquid glass - sodium. This glass has high fireproof protection and is made with sodium.

The third type of liquid glass is of lithium. This type is considered the most rare. Its production occurs in limited quantities. This composition is used only for thermoregulation.

In our country the most popular is sodium composition. But in addition, there are warehouses of liquid glass, which have a combined basis.

How does liquid glass?

Once you learned the consequences of using liquid glass, I'm sure you're wondering exactly how it works. The usual Polish, when applied to the car body, forms a very thin film. This film causes the car to Shine in new ways. Also, the body acquires some protection.

When using liquid glass, all the properties are the same. But there is one difference - they are much more reliable.

If the vehicle has a large number of microcracks, when applying the liquid glass they will all be hidden. The body is a mirror Shine that will last a very long time.

The main advantage of liquid glass prior to any other means for polishing the ability to protect the body from the effects of the different reagents, salts, and debris.

Pricing of liquid glass.

Despite the fact that the molten glass has such phenomenal properties protection and external transformation, the prices of these compositions is not very high. Everything will depend on the class of your car. The price for car owners of different classes, respectively, will be different.

It should be understood that the full cost of the car handling liquid glass must incorporate and washing machine. And in all the salons pricing varies.

The cost of processing the liquid glass will be significantly higher than regular Polish. But liquid glass is much more reliable and will last you ten times longer. In addition, for the application of liquid glass do not need any special tools. And this is also a kind of saving.

The price of the polishing composition of the liquid glass is not very big. Lot takes the trouble master. The survey suggests that practically all drivers, which use liquid glass to remain satisfied with the result.

How to use?

Any additional operations after applying the liquid glass is not required. But when used must follow some rules.

Do not use any chemicals to wash the car. Some cleaning can reduce the durability of liquid glass. It is best to wash the car with plain water, without the use of sponges, brushes and rags.

In winter there is a possibility that a layer of liquid glass can crack.

If you decide to treat the liquid glass yourself, you need to fully comply with the technology application. Make sure all the points without missing any of them.

Whether to use liquid glass? As shown by various polls - is definitely worth it. In addition to any protective properties, the car will have an updated look. So to speak, Shine in other colors.