Wax for car polishing: polishing car body wax

Many owners of the car wax polishing tools exclusively for their pet shone in the sunlight, and looked better than new. However, these funds have the other side of the coin, which is more useful than just glitter.

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The beneficial properties of the wax.

Except that after rubbing car wax, it looks much nicer and newer, its surface is formed of the specific thin film. This film acts as a shield from harmful environmental influences.

First, it protects the paintwork of your vehicle from direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation. And it helps to preserve for a long time the original color and shade of the painted surfaces. Simply put, the paint does not fade as under normal operating conditions. This is especially true if the car is quite a long time is on open Parking spaces where there is no protection from the sun.

Second, the wax film is not only close the access of moisture to the paintwork of the body, but also gets into the fine scratches and other damage. And this, in turn, limits the direct contact of water with the metal of the car, which itself is much prolongs its service life without the need for serious body work.

Next enemy paintwork of the car, which aims the protection of the wax layer, a variety of insects, which are in excess like to stick to the surface of the body. The fact that many insects have substances, chemical composition similar with acids or alkali. And their impact can not be useful for car paint. The same can be said of poultry manure. All this leaves an unpleasant residue on the surface of the body unprotected.

The types of wax.

Today's market of automotive supplies and devices, offers car owners a wide range of care products for body. These tools so much that customers do not have time to deal with the composition and properties of the proposed products. Meanwhile, even such a simple tool like wax for a car also has many kinds and types.

The most common misconception cause that contain wax particles, however, they are a little for other purposes. We are talking about the tools that can be used for rough polishing body, which implies a partial rubbing of the paintwork, along with shallow scratches and other defects. These funds are intended for use once a year at most.

If you use this tool too often, it is possible to achieve the effect of matte body and rubbing it all the way to the primer. This is very rare, however it is not necessary to forget about it.

The second type of means for polishing with the content of the wax is a polishing for seasonal care of the body. That is, their use should be restricted to only one time in three months. These funds are composed of special substances which are the same as the previous one, partially "eat" the paint, thereby aligning it. These tools also have abrasive particles that with frequent use will erase a large layer of paint and bring the owner of the car in disappointment.

Finally, the last type of wax products to care for the body, it's liquid funds are not long lasting. Their use provides short-term protection of the body against external influences, which is restricted to two or three washes a car. Often these funds are used for professional cleaning to give the effect of Shine and novelty. Such tools are washed away very quickly, but their frequent use does not harm the paintwork of the car body.

Polished the body of the car independently

If for any reason the driver does not attend for professional cleaning, he may be able to handle the body wax on your own. You need to have a quality tool for polishing and some simple equipment. Since the polishing is carried out with liquid wax is a long-acting, it should be considered in more detail.

Before using any medication be sure to read the instructions on the package. Try to avoid funds that do not have explanations in understandable language. Before polishing it is necessary to thoroughly wash the car with running water, always with the use of special detergents. Detergents will allow you to release the minor scratches the paint from the hardened dirt particles.

After washing, binding is a thorough drying of the car. To accelerate drying do not put the car under direct sunlight. It will be sufficient to treat the surface with a special cloth microfiber. It efficiently removes the smallest particles of moisture, which allows immediately to go to the polishing phase.

Polish the car with wax should gradually. This means the entire body must be divided into a number of separate components and subsequently to process them. For example, you can handle the roof, then hood, then one door, and so on.

To get the best effect from the application of wax polishes must create the most favorable conditions. This should include the location of the car in the shade, so it does not get direct sunlight. Ideally, if in contact with the body of the car felt kind of cool. These factors will ensure better absorption of wax and the formation of an effective protective film.

For applying wax to the surface of the body it is best to use a soft sponge. These can be easily purchased in specialty automotive shops. Often these washcloths are included with the material for polishing.

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Some motorists practice extra protection for the Windows and headlights of the car. This is due to the fact that when getting wax on the glass formed divorce, which then adversely affect their transparency. Glass can not protect, however, after applying the polishing need to be thoroughly cleaned by special means. If you want to protect the glass beforehand, then it uses a special film which is easily attached and also easily removed.

The wax is applied in small portions on the sponge and on a single part of the body, and then methodically pounded. After applying the wax give you a few minutes to "rest". Then use a dry cloth or towel to apply wax in a circular motion to create a glossy shiny surface. If the car's paintwork is not too worn out, after proper application of wax can be seen on the back of his reflection.

Car polishing other similar funds mentioned above, is the same. To check the efficiency of wax coating, you can use plain water. If the water on the surface of the body is collected in large droplets and rolls off easily, the wax is still working. If the droplets are small, or the water is spread in a thin film, then waxing polishing can be repeated.