The better to Polish the car?

All the polishes (methods, respectively, and polishing) are pursuing two main goals – restore the colors and give the car fresh, but also protect the paint from exposure to the elements (rain, snow, etc.).

To protect the body

polishing wax

More common and often more affordable option is protective polishing. Its main task is to create a thin transparent layer between the atmosphere and paint of the machine that repelled the water, dirt, etc. most Often this role is fulfilled by so-called hard wax.

It is applied on the body moistened with a soft cloth, at least in the form of a spray, and after a while dries up, making machine... Matt. The final step is the actual polishing. This cured composition is really reminiscent of a thin layer of dried wax, light soft natural cloth (if done at home), or a polishing machine with a circle (the result is usually the same, except that the first option takes more time).

Such polishing is recommended to perform twice a year, in autumn and spring. The need for repetition is due to the fact that the applied wax is washed off in the sink (the exact number of water treatments to specify difficult, all depends on the density of the active foam, the temperature and water pressure, etc.).

After the coating of hard wax machine would better Shine and a no protective layer are formed. If the vehicle is dripping drops of water, they don't stay, and roll, or taken lumps and the motion fly, without stopping on the body.

For grown-up glitter

The second popular type of restorative polishing (sometimes referred to as professional, or abrasive). This process usually consists of three or four stages. In each of them machine polished machine structures with different task, from larger to smaller. The first or second types of polishes remove a micron layer of paint/Polish from the car, and the next gives the paint Shine.
The main goal of restorative polishing body getting rid of the small shallow scratches. It is recommended to perform such polishing is not more often than once a year to avoid unnecessary violence paint, and a large number of scratches should be collected.

Usually for professional polishing use liquid or paste-like compositions, at least - aerosol. Together with them should be applied flexible polishing wheels of varying stiffness. Buy the whole set of tools and machine in the bargain, does not make sense in view of low usage and the high cost of these materials, just go to the station. Just keep in mind that the cost of restoration polishing several times more than wax.

Victims of marketing

The most popular and often imposed on us on the sinks service is a liquid wax. It is applied with a sprayer under pressure. You can tell us about its protective properties at the level of the solid wax. But actually a liquid wax just makes it much simpler to wipe the car after washing, it is slipping water, and a cloth or brush glides better. Perhaps this liquid polymeric material is better than nothing, but it quickly washed off, and the layer forms a very thin. So its cost you can save.


Automotive stores sell a lot of household, household polishes for use by the owner of the car. They have different purposes and cost, but is usually aimed at short-term increase in gloss of a paint coating machine. If you want to look after your four-wheeled friend, of course, give him your attention. But the maximum result is possible only with the industrial of auto cosmetics and good equipment.