To see your car clean, sleek and shiny – a true desire of any motorist. Of course, at the time of purchase of the machine it is so, but after a couple of years of active service the vehicle does not seem so great.

Is the deterioration due to adverse environmental factors negatively affecting body paint. However, this process is not irreversible, so to save the situation is quite real. In order to return the body of the car is beautiful, shiny and coveted appearance can be used "liquid glass". In today's material we will consider its properties, advantages, disadvantages and application process.



Liquid glass for car is a form of polishing that is applied to the vehicle body gives it an attractive appearance and protects from adverse environmental factors. Such coverage is used to the machine quite often, as it allows for a low cost, to restore her "as at the time of purchase". In addition to the mentioned visual effect, the substance has the following advantages:

  • protects the body from dirt, dust and ultraviolet radiation;
  • repels water mass;
  • not afraid of road-agents;
  • gives the body a uniform gloss;
  • it is easy to apply.
  • However, this Polish has some disadvantages, namely:

  • requires careful preparation of the body for applying;
  • is not cheap;
  • demanding to the next machine wash.
  • In the basis of liquid glass is the compound of sodium and silicon, which after application to the body forms a thin coating, similar in structure and in part is the glass. Hence the name means.

    Important! Because of the unique structure of the wax type "liquid glass" requires careful attention after application to the body of a car. The fact that the use of abrasive shampoos for washing machine, covered it with liquid glass, or wash with brushes at the car wash is able to reduce its service life 2, or even 3 times.


    Many motorists are wondering where you can get a similar Polish and how it can be saved. Just note that to prepare liquid glass to a car with their hands very difficult. The person who has no knowledge in chemistry to cook a Polish and not really that is due to the complex structure of this tool. But whether, in General, to try to create his own water glass?

    It is worth noting that at specialized stations for the cost of covering a car with liquid glass are highly inflated. Some experts say that their way is more durable and coating technology more innovative, but in fact the differences in the coverage on the SRT and the house is not as significant. Summing up, we state: to make liquid glass for car with his hands will not work, except if you are a professional chemist and have in their Arsenal a lot of reagents, substances; however, to buy a vehicle and cover the car yourself, saving on services of experts, is quite real without any loss of quality in the conduct of all work.


    If you wish to personally pay for their transport Polish "liquid glass" you first need to prepare the following tools:

  • directly liquid glass;
  • car shampoo;
  • degreaser;
  • sponge;
  • fabric, microfiber.
  • After preparation of the necessary tools, you can begin the procedure of polishes on the body, which goes like this:

  • First, pick a place to upgrade your car. It is important that the place where the car body is to apply liquid glass, there was no high humidity and it was cold, dusty and Sunny. Otherwise, the polishes can become an unpleasant consequence – the deterioration of the appearance of the car.
  • 2.
  • Then thoroughly wash the car, cleaning all areas of the body from dust, dirt and stains.
  • 3.
  • After washing allow machine to dry and apply on its surface degreaser (for example, the well-known white spirit diluted with water).
  • 4.
  • Using instruction of liquid glass to bring it into form, with which the tool is ready to use. Some polishes require shaking and open, but others must be pre-cook, mix liquids in certain proportions. Specifically in your case – proceed exclusively according to the instructions to form liquid glass, not otherwise.
  • 5.
  • Now that the preliminary steps are done, it remains only to apply the Polish. For this small amount of Polish put on the cloth and start in a circular motion, a thin layer of the rubbing means on the body. To achieve the best effect possible, if you step by step to wipe the individual parts of the body: first the bumper, then the hood, then the roof and so on. In another case, it may happen before the hardening of the substance on some parts of the body that will cause uneven application.
  • Important! If earlier, until the liquid glass on the car was applied another Polish, it has to be erased with special pastes, as drawing one means to another desired effect will not give.

    It should be noted that pre-drying of liquid glass occurs within 3-6 hours after application to the body, and final after 14 days. After the first time you can operate the vehicle, and after the second wash, but subject to the above rules. As a rule, liquid glass can withstand about 15-30 properly organized sinks.

    In General, apply liquid glass on your car is not that difficult. The main thing – to know the features of this procedure are considered in detail above. I hope this material was useful to you. Good luck on the road!